How to Learn Arabic: Tips for learners

Chloe Cheney
4 min readSep 12, 2022

Arabic is considered to be the most ancient language and the sixth-most commonly spoken language in the entire world. Arabic is vastly spoken in Middle-East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and many more. As many of these countries are exposed to people who would like to either relocate to these countries or would go for a vacation and for these foreigners, it’s important for them to understand their native language, and that is why they are looking for professionals who would guide them when it comes to learning Arabic.

Most people think that they have to go to these countries in order to learn Arabic and which is why some of them decide not to visit these countries. Well, that is not the case. Any person in any part of the world can learn Arabic, and My Tutor Source wants to help these people so they’d be able to learn a complex language faster just by staying in their homes. They’d be able to access a great number of professionals who’d teach them Arabic in no time, but they’ll need guidance, and that is why MTS has presented a definitive guide that will help them learn Arabic faster.

The Ultimate Guide:

1. Traditional Techniques:

The easiest way to learn a foreign language is by interacting with a native speaker, and the same is the case with Arabic. Studies have shown that people who have learned different foreign languages usually interact with native speakers to improve their speaking, listening, and writing skills in order to ace that specific language, so the people who are interested in learning Arabic should look for those instructors who are native Arabs because their learning experience with a native Arab will be far more experienced.

This is considered one of the best ways to learn a language correctly because you can easily share your concerns as well, and you will get a good hold on the usage and other factors related to the language as well that you might not learn about while learning from an AI-based system.

2. Web-based Programs:

The most common and least expensive method of learning Arabic or any other foreign language is the use of web-based programs. There are so many group-based web programs organized where different people from different platforms, along with either one or two professionals or native speakers, are involved and help these other members learn a foreign language at a very low cost. There are some programs that even involve short courses, which subside the burden of learning and actually make it exciting and less burdening for the person who is learning Arabic. Different types of webinars are also conducted, which help these people in many ways.

If you are unable to find someone to learn with in-person, you can always go for an online platform. The Internet has made it really easy to connect with people from all over the world. In this way, you can find a native Arabic speaker online to learn with.

3. E-learning:

Those people who cannot afford any type of web-based programs or webinars can find any sort of help through the use of free-of-cost visuals and audios present on the website, which can be referred to as e-Learning. With the use free of cost Arabic e-books, these people can learn Arabic in an affordable way. However, one warning is that the person who is opting for the method of e-Learning through an e-Book must ensure that the reading material is authentic and needed because of the presence of a vast amount of trash present on the Internet.

You can even go to YouTube to find authentic lectures uploaded by people who intend to help people learn languages without any subscription or learning fee. This is another one of the great ways the Internet is helping people reach their desired goals. Usually, people who are unable to afford the paid lectures offered online can easily find an alternate route by going for these free e-books, videos, or audio to help them get a better grip on their language skills.

4. Backdated methods:

To some people, dealing with technology isn’t an easy task which is why they prefer more backdated methods such as hard copies of books and learning CDs which are cheaper than e-Leaning. Some people think that these methods aren’t efficient as compared to the ones which involve online learning, but that is not true. There was a time when people only had hardcopies and learning CDs instead of softcopies, and that method worked for them, so it works for many people still.

If you are a person who likes to keep it traditional, you can go for this method as well. There are several books and CDs available out there that have a proper method in them that helps learners learn a language. Before the expanded use of the Internet for learning, people would go for these books and CDs, and this is now considered the traditional method.

5. Accelerated Language Courses:

One of the most used methods to learn Arabic is through the use of links. Suppose you have any kind of friends or family members living in Middle-East countries such as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. Chances are, they will most likely help you learn a language that is totally new to you by recommending some of the most efficient webinars. Through that, there will be online courses that will be offered in many online ways and at an affordable price, and most importantly, these courses will widen the sphere of learning and understanding and will improve the communication skills of the individual in many ways.

If you want to learn Arabic, it’s better to communicate with someone you know who has a strong grip on Arabic, and they can guide you better about which method will be best for you since they know you.

MTS believes that there are so many other ways to improve learning when it comes to learning Arabic, but the ones which are considered the ultimate guidelines are presented above and would be helpful for those people who are struggling with learning Arabic.