How to Teach Your Child to Read: Advice and Top Reading Tools?

Chloe Cheney
4 min readSep 12, 2022

Obtaining a high-quality education is considered to be highly important for kids these days because they are the future of the entire world. They are future leaders, and that is why we need to focus on them more than any other thing. A child starts his journey of obtaining education, starting with basic reading and writing. Writing is considered to be entertaining by children because it keeps them engaged, but when it comes to reading, they have a hard time adjusting to it, and some kids struggle with reading even when they grow up, which is why the lack of an interesting development when it comes to reading should be the main concern of every teacher and parent because reading is very important if one wants to make a bright future for themself.

Although reading is truly a complex process, there is good news for the parents and the teachers. My Tutor Source has come up with multiple methods to engage the children more and more in reading because reading is considered to be more important than writing sometimes. MTS highly believes that if a child is good at reading, then he will be automatically good at writing. Unless a child is struggling to read, then how’d he be able to express his thoughts because he is not good at reading? Thereby he cannot find his own mistakes and is able to correct them.

  1. Word cards are a great way to make a person feel comfortable. When we read, we are reading a combination of words, and when people struggle, they struggle with those words. With the use of daily word cards, children will be able to know more words and will be able to increase their vocabulary, which will make them more interested in reading because it is human nature when a person can progress into anything, he tends to work harder to gain more success. It gives a great chance to improve the grammar and vocabulary of children. You can use new words every day and help them understand what they mean and how they can be used.
  2. A print-rich environment is considered to be the environment in which the words or sentences are printed over the walls or any other space in a room. That way, if a child is either playing or studying or is watching T.V., he can observe and learn unconsciously because print-rich environments impact more positively. Engage the child in a question-answer session by asking him what he understands about whatever is written over the wall.
  3. Technology is a powerful tool when it comes to education, and there are so many methods and tips and tricks that provide hundreds of ways to make the child more interested in reading, but there are some common methods that appear to be highly effective. Technology provides access to two of the most highly effective methods. Audio learning and video learning. Some kids can learn faster through visual learning, while some kids can learn fast through audio learning, as mindsets vary from person to person, so we should provide the most comfortable environment to the children so they’d be able to learn faster and more effectively. You can help children read through the use of pictures added with content. It makes them more interested in learning about what they are reading.
  4. To improve reading, one should read every day. As it is commonly said that practice makes a man perfect, so it applies to both children and adults. For children, the teachers and the parents need to help them in every way possible, and that is to read with them every day, thereby providing them the necessary help they need. Sometimes, some words are considered to be highly complicated, and only an adult can help the children, so that is why the adults need to read with children.
  5. Games are a fun way to help improve a child’s reading. Parents and teachers should often play games that improve a child’s vocabulary. There are many games available on the internet, and parents should help their children solve those puzzles and many other forms of word games. You can play games like scrabble and look for an answer with children to creatively encourage their reading practice in them. This is one of the most innovative approaches to encourage reading in children.
  6. Use fun stories that might catch up their attention. This would greatly help them to develop interest and keep on reading the book with curiosity. This curiosity will serve as a base for increased interest in reading.
  7. Making the process slow and easy for the children. In the end, it is highly advised to the parents and the teachers to be patient because every learning process takes time, so parents should give their children time so they’d learn and improve their reading efficiently. Some kids are indeed sharp, and they pick everything faster, while it is also true that some students struggle with fast learning, thereby making the process slower than usual, so parents and teachers should be patient and not rush their children into anything.

MTS believes that reading is an important factor when it comes to building something strong such as building a future because even if a person can write properly it is more important to carve out mistakes rather than just writing a piece with mistakes. Expert tutors at MTS believe that with the approaches and methods, reading practice can be encouraged and improved in children. It is one of the most important skills that not only help students in academics but in their general life as well.