Importance of Private Tutoring

Chloe Cheney
6 min readJul 4, 2022


As time is changing, the demand for hiring private tutors is increasing. Parents and children prefer private tutors nowadays after school hours instead of visiting academies or tutoring centers. Private tutors are more likely to improve students’ knowledge, and grades and also focus on polishing their skills. But it costs more than other tutoring services, and parents frequently wonder if private tutoring is beneficial and worth the money.

We wish we could answer it with a simple yes or no, but sadly it is not that simple. Not all private tutors are competent or worth the money or time. Some private tutors’ rates are more than their services, but their academic profile is good to convince you. Similarly, some private tutors are not highly qualified, but they provide excellent benefits and are worth your time and investment. However, home or private tutoring gives a great learning experience and brings the best out of students.

Factors That Determine the Benefits of Private Tutoring

Personal Attention of a Competent Tutor

First and foremost, the benefit of hiring a private tutor is that they give your child individualized attention during tutoring hours. Your child needs extra help because they do not get enough attention in class, and when they get neglected, they fall behind. Private or home tutors listen to tutees’ queries without any distraction and solve them.

Also, children quickly open up to them without the fear of being judged by other fellows. Considering this point, parents and children are seeking more private tutors nearby.

Experienced And Skilled Tutors

The tutoring industry is overgrowing, and many experienced, skilled, and highly qualified people are joining it now. And who wouldn’t want their child to study from such masters? Parents or whoever is hiring a tutor needs to take enough time and choose a private tutor who has the expertise, is worth the time, and fits your budget. Keep an open mind because a great tutor focuses on improving the academic grades and helps your child become confident and mentally active.

A tutor with prior tutoring experience will be more likely to understand your child’s needs and such continuous positive reinforcement boost their self-esteem.

Individual Teaching and Learning Approach

The private tutoring industry is succeeding because it focuses on students’ learning styles and tutors tailor themselves according to one learning approach. All students are different, and so their learning style is. In a class of 20 or 30 students, teachers cannot work on individual learning styles. And the neglected students are labeled as dull or stupid students. When in fact, their learning style doesn’t match with peers.

The individual teaching approach is one of the main reasons parents opt for private tutors. Expert tutors know all teaching strategies and know how to discover one’s learning style and set the pace and style to help them achieve desired grades. Such a learning environment gives students’ intrinsic motivation to study and perfume better. Increased intrinsic motivation yields higher results and is beneficial for achieving desired goals.

I’ve provided private tutoring to a handful of students and each time noticed their grades and confidence dramatically improved. I’ve put this down to being able to target the student’s weak spots without having to worry about the performance of the rest of the class. This is in comparison with constantly trying to juggle what is best for the group as a whole. I’ve also noticed a greater number of paradigm shifts or eureka moments when private tutoring compared with teaching a class of 20+however, this may be due to students being more willing to show their feelings, as they do not need to be concerned about appearing stupid to their peers.

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Customized Lesson Plans

Private tutoring doesn’t burden a student. They offer customized lesson and learning plans. School follows the ‘one size fits all’ approach, which does not work on all kids. Private or home tutors encourage the self-paced and self-learning of students. It boosts students’ happiness, well-being, and potential, and this is how students acknowledge their abilities or interests.

Private tutoring works best for students’ recent grades and career. Your child might have trouble in writing, hiring a private tutor who helps them overcome this trouble is a good idea. They teach the same school tasks but in students’ learning methods and constantly encourage or praise them.

Enhance Social or Behavioral skills

Not all private tutors are the same. Before hiring them, have a one-to-one meeting with them to know what benefits or services they can offer along with studies. Interpersonal skills are essential skills your tutor must have because some students are introverted or hesitate to speak up first.

A great tutor turns their tutee into a phenomenal communicator. They work on improving the social, communication, and behavioural skills of students. Your children not only need help in completing homework, but they also need to learn how to build positive relations with peers or positively adjust in social circles. Working on these all makes one a successful tutor.

Freedom To Ask Questions

Another reason why students or parents want a private tutor for help is the freedom. Tutors give you the freedom to ask as many questions as you want or repeat mistakes without feeling stupid or self-conscious. Some students do not ask questions at school and miserably fall behind, and private tutoring is their life-saver.

Rare are the chances that two students will understand one thing within five minutes. One must have queries. When students know they have help after school, they do not panic when something doesn’t make sense. And it is one of the main benefits of private tutoring.

Students mostly get neglected or distracted in school and lose interest in their studies. Even if you or your child needs help to prepare for college or university entrance tests, hiring a competent and experienced private tutor will be a great decision. Great tutors do not just teach; they bring impressive changes in students with plenty of hands-on activities and experience. Some are willing to travel to your place and provide their services, while some are available online. If you have the opportunity of one-to-one learning, take advantage of it. Private tutoring is worth the time and money for sure.