Do you really need a tutor for your child?

All-day at school and coming home to tons of homework and practices, your child is still struggling to improve or learn. Whether they are in primary or high school, they claim to understand topics in the classroom but fail to solve them at home. Do they need a push to learn fast and better at home? Does the thought of helping or hiring a tutor for your child crosses your mind? It must have.

Schools might provide quality education and a learning environment, but they lack focus on students’ individual needs. This happens because of two reasons. First, classrooms are filled with students that a single teacher cannot focus on, and second, lack of management or organization. In this regard, parents are looking for private tutors to give their children one-to-one attention and learning experience.

Every child deserves to have the full attention of their teacher, the best education, and mastery or knowledge of skills to carry forward. Not all students need help in everything they learn from school. Some struggle in particular subjects and private tutors are the best to give the required time, solve their queries and provide benefits other than academics. Meanwhile, some parents do not understand the need for a tutor for their children. They constantly blame their learning style and negligence and end up causing anxiety for their child.

We believe that all children are great learners, and it’s the responsibility of parents, teachers, and school systems to understand and encourage them to perform better. To know if your child needs a tutor, we have mentioned some signs that will show you whether they need extra help or not. Take these signs as a warning and find a tutor for your child.

Lack of Interest

Your child is losing interest in learning and going to school. There might be other reasons for not going to school like bullying, teachers’ strictness, or the school environment. You should be aware of this all. Anyway, if your child was an active learner but now, they make excuses or show stress in doing assignments that they previously loved to do. This is a sign that they need the help of a tutor to guide them.

Sudden Decline in Grades

Keep a record of your Childs’ result card. The sudden decline of grades or failure to make a reasonable attempt is another red flag. Grades can drop in all subjects or in a few particular issues too. It depends. For example, your child might be performing well in all topics, but their grades are steadily slipping or dropping when it comes to English. It’s a sign that your child needs help in English.

Disturbing Behavior

Your child can show mood swings or unwillingness to go to school or doing homework. Teachers and parents should keep an eye on students’ activity and behavior. They might need help or be unable to say it directly. Sometimes students face sudden meltdowns while studying or going home, and it happens when they fail to understand something and end up showing frustration or crying.

Taking Extra Time

Watch out for your kids if they take extra time to do homework or prepare for an exam than usual. Spending extra hours on something shows they must need guidance to manage time or help to understand quickly.


It’s one of those signs that you should not ignore for so long. Procrastinating on studying, completing assignments, or homework takes away the charm of learning. Students mostly procrastinate when they are unable to understand something. It’s a clear sign that your child needs a tutor for motivation and to boost their knowledge.

Lack of confidence

Many ways can test this. Your kids lack confidence if:

  • they hesitate to answer in class because of the fear of being wrong
  • they feel blue more often
  • they feel like failing in future
  • they have stopped believing in their skills
  • they hide their queries or failures

They don’t accept their weakness and try to pass them over, and in the end, they miserably fall behind. Above mentioned scenarios show the lack of confidence of the student. Tutors encourage their tutees and bring back their self-assurance or self-confidence.

Such frustrating situations can be handled with proper guidance and help. Acknowledge that there is no such thing as a dull child. Mostly there is a reason behind it. Their potential needs to be discovered. So, if you see any dullness in your child, be all ears to them. Try to understand their problems and come up with a solution, not an argument or negative comment.

To recover the academic loss of your child, hiring a private tutor for them is the backup plan. Home or private tutors let your child experience one-to-one learning, and their individual teaching approach helps them grow academically, enhance knowledge and build self-confidence. As all students have different mindsets and their learning styles differ, experienced private tutors discover that style and fill gaps in their knowledge.

Instead of demoralizing a child, find them a private tutor with essential interpersonal skills who turn your child into a great learner and set them on the right path. Tutors who understand that failure is not the end and feedback or guidance can help tutees succeed and bring significantly improved results.

How to Hire a Private Tutor for Your Child?

There are many ways to find one great tutor that matches your child’s needs. It could be through a private tutoring platform, websites, or through your friends’ or social circles’ references. The interview part is more important than where a tutor comes from. Some children have disorders or disabilities that make them a little different and hard to learn properly. For such students, parents need to interview tutors and acknowledge them about their child’s problem. This way, tutors can come up with customized learning plans and how to work with such children.

Note that in private tutoring, higher qualifications or experiences don’t matter much but the teaching methodology. Having a list of certifications does not make one a great tutor; there are certain other things that parents should examine or look for in their child’s private tutor.

Things to Consider

Finding a private tutor for your child is a good decision, but as a parent, you cannot entirely depend on the tutor to do some magic and turn your child into a quick learner or a class topper. Parents are the child’s first teacher, and that’s why they should school them before sending them to a specific school. Once the tutor is hired, parents should review what and how the tutor is teaching their child. It’s the responsibility of parents to take an interest in what the tutor is teaching, how he designs the lessons or delivers them, check if the child is completing their work on time, and are they making progress or not.

Don’t let your child give up. If something makes you ask yourself that do your child really needs a tutor, consider it. And help your child stay motivated and have a love affair with learning and growing.



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