Top 10 Indian Schools in Doha for best educational curriculum

Chloe Cheney
4 min readAug 29, 2022
Top 10 Indian Schools in Doha

Among many top-notch British Schools located in Doha, there is a huge number of renowned Indian Schools as well that are making their mark in the education sector.

The reason for the rapid growth of Indian schools in middle eastern countries is that it has become a business hub for Indians who want to move in and expand their businesses. Qatar has become a destination spot and attracted a huge market of investors as it has started to generate the highest per capita income as its economy solely depends on the impressive reserves of gas and oil.

Currently, The Indian population in Qatar is around 691,000. A Lot of students in Qatar, especially in Doha, are opting for education programs after clearing their CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).To cater to the heavy demands, a lot of Indian schools have been making their way, especially in Doha.

Here is a list of the top 10 Indian schools in Doha:

1. The Scholars International School

The School is approved by the Ministry of Education, which follows the CBSE curriculum and emphasizes meaningful learning intending to achieve something purposeful. The School was established in 2012 by a team of professionals from various backgrounds following a common vision of striving for quality and innovation. Besides varied courses offered by the institute, it also encourages extracurricular activities to polish the talents and capacities of the students so that they can keep up with the requirements of the changing world.

2. M.E.S. English School of Doha

Established back in 1974, the School has the vision that education is the right of everyone. Thus they strive to provide quality education to their students and assist them in achieving their goals so that they would be able to tackle the problems in every phase of life. The institute is known for providing great facilities, and The core values of M.E.S. include commitment, achievement, respect, and empathy.

3. Doha Modern Indian School

Learning to live in the vision of Doha Modern Indian School. The motive of this institute is to nurture happy, creative, and motivated individuals who will work for the betterment of society as a whole. The School provides training to polish individual skills and develops critical thinking and technological skills. The teachers are highly qualified and professional, having experience from renowned institutes. DMIS is the only day-boarding Indian School in Doha that allows the students to enhance their expertise in every sphere of life.

4. Olive International School

The School has received a School Excellence Award for being one of the best upcoming Schools, thus providing the students with excellent academic facilities for value-oriented education with immense opportunities for all kinds of learners.

5. Pearl School

Pearl school is an educational institution that was developed by an educationist from India who aspired to provide an educational infrastructure that helps in the positive development of young minds of the coming generations. The School intends to make students confident enough so that they can play a vital role in community development and play their part as valuable citizens. Apart from providing remarkable educational facilities and curriculum, the School encourages the students to enhance their creative capabilities as well.

6. Loyola International School

In 2013 the management of Loyola International School Hyderabad took the initiative to start L.I.S. in Doha, and in 2017 it got affiliated with the CBSE board. The School focuses on the provision of quality education so that L.I.S. aims to provide top-notch education through contemporary learning techniques providing a positive environment for intellectual development.

7. Birla Public School

The School was founded under the supervision of the Birla Group, and the sole purpose of the establishment of this School was to cater to the educational needs of expatriate members of the Indian Community at that time when there were quite a few educational institutions operational in Doha. The School follows the vision that the younger generation could prove to be a great asset to the country if their talents are properly channelized. The School follows a motto of promoting intellectual and aesthetic excellence in the field of education.

8. Ideal Indian School

Ideal Indian School is one of those institutions that put their trust in their students so they can discover, innovate, and contribute to the rapidly growing society. The School believes in using innovative teaching methods to prepare students to meet the challenges of the global world.

9. Shantiniketan Indian School

The School was established back in 2000 by a team of promoters of education who felt the need to establish a school that provides quality education to all. The School believes in providing an excellent environment for the students so they can gain maximum knowledge and experience in the most liberated and joyful environment.

10. Noble International School

The School follows an approach to empowering the students to achieve their desired goals by nurturing their emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. The School provides academic excellence in the most structured environment, and the purpose is to encourage the students to be the best version of themselves and serve society to their fullest.

Above mentioned schools are striving and trying their best to fulfill the needs of the students residing in Doha. The motive of all of these schools is to ensure quality education and improve the standards of academic learning.