Top Best Schools in Fujairah (2022)

Selecting the best school in the area for your child comes with great responsibility and stress because it is the time of life where you will make the child step into a whole new world. And this new world holds the responsibility of teaching your child the importance of leadership, justice, humanity, character building, along with school subjects and extracurricular activities. The school area also matters, and if you live in Fujairah or are looking for the best schools in Fujairah, you are on the right page. You will get all the details of the best schools in this 7th largest city of UAE.

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Lastly, we have given details of one of the best academies of Fujairah, which offers exciting and creative courses that will surely attract your attention.

Keep reading and select the school you are looking for

Fujairah Montessori Nursery

This school offers a fun and learning environment for your kid, and it’s successfully fulfilling the parent’s expectations for the last 20 years. They offer full daycare for the kids whose mothers are working ladies, but the regular school timings are from 8:30 am — 12:30 am. Besides introducing fun activities, music, yoga, art, or games among students, they also ensure that the child may get enough knowledge of Science, culture, mathematics, geography, and other living or practical skills.

Before moving to its essential details, here is a piece of good news for working parents: this fantastic school comes with a fleet of buses that ensures the safe pick and drop of their students, making it one of the best schools of Fujairah.

Indian School Fujairah

Your child is the product of the school, and this school ranks among the best when it comes to training your child into great beings. The dedicated and trained professional staff is known for the best performance of its students. Their tagline of building students for a successful future goes with the teaching methods and unique criteria. Their vision of change commitment has prepared their students to excel in all parts of schooling like academics, extracurricular activities, social life, sports, and lots more. It provides co-education classes from kindergarten to 4 grade, and then the rest of the classes till 12th grade is for girls only. So, check the details below, and if you are looking for your children’s bright future, good results, book an appointment. Apart from securing your child’s future, Indian school Fujairah also offers courses and pieces of training for your children’s better growth.

Our Own English High School-Fujairah

If you want your child to flourish, learn and excel in all phases of life, then your search for the best schools in Fujairah ends here because this school brings the best out of its students and polish their skills in a way that they turn into great beings, academically and personally.

The healthy environment of Our Own English High School is what makes it rank among the best schools. Their user-friendly website has given all the details, from its fee structure to the admission criteria.

GEMS Winchester School-Fujairah

Fujairah brings a peaceful view to mind, and if you live in this place, you might have a great experience of the solitude and relaxation it offers. And this new building of the school has increased the beauty of this area, as this schools’ principal, David Wade, is working here to give the British international curriculum from KG1 to 12th grade.

Their core values: learning through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning, and global citizenship are what the world needs more in its upcoming leaders. Among the best or Indian schools in Fujairah, if you are looking for a world class British education in that area, going for GEMS will be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

St Mary’s Catholic High School

This school is known best as it offers its academic services in both UK and CBSE curriculum, following its vision of preparing the global leaders. Fujairah takes pride in providing quality education besides having cultural and religious differences, and this school name counts as one of the best Indian schools in Fujairah.

St. Mary’s School Fujairah campus have maintained their quality in everything, whether it is about quality of education, building infrastructure, student’s library, play area or the safety measures. Moreover, the dedicated staff of this school plays a significant role in bringing out the best academic results and future leaders.

Diyar International Private School (DIPS), Fujairah

Under the ownership of the Fujairah National Group, this school was established to offer a US curriculum to its pupils. Along with American curriculum subjects, they have made Social Studies, Islamic Education, and Arabic education compulsory. The separate building of boys and girls in DIPS (Fujairah Campus) ranks in the list of best schools in Fujairah because of providing high-quality education and preparing students for extracurricular activities. They have introduced their students to IT also.

Parents have ranked this as one of the best schools in Fujairah because of the international educational environment it offers from KG to Grade 12. They also offer further siblings discounts, go to its website, and get all the details.

Fujairah Private Academy

In the UAE, this is originally the first British system school, and the ruler of Fujairah founded it. They also take the quality of education and the qualification of its academic staff quite thoughtfully. Moreover, the Govt. of Fujairah works on the approval of teachers’ qualifications and work visas. They are after-school activities that attract the parents and students because it shows how much they are concerned with the productive, creative growth of their enthusiastic students. It is ranked among the best Indian schools of Fujairah because of the changes they certainly made after receiving the feedback if required. Their entrance test is held thrice a year; go to the website given below and get your child admitted to one of the well-known schools of UAE.

Fujairah Fine Arts Academy

Here are the academy details that I have told you initially that you are going to get. In the best Indian Fujairah school area, this academy offers exciting and creative courses that will surely make up your mind get registered in any of them. If you check their website, you will know they have a list of 15-course sections like; music, ballet, visual, theatrical, and acting arts, and a few more. This academy is a great place to stimulate the creation, imagination, or art in beings. The academy chairman calls it an effective and positive way for an individual to feel the beauty of life.

This academy is an opportunity to learn a skill or to polish one’s talent.

The primary mission of any institute should be to develop the most intellectual, creative leaders and bring out the best in the freshers because the final ambition behind sending the child to any school is to form free and responsible beings. So, select any of the above top best schools in Fujairah and make your child’s future bright. After school hours, if you are looking for an online tutor for your children, then hire an online tutor for your kid from any area of the world.



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