Why you Should Hire an English Tutor for your Child

Chloe Cheney
5 min readSep 12, 2022


English is considered to be a global language as it is used widely all over the world, and almost every school and every organization in the world communicates in English which is why every person enters the race to understand and learn English, especially the students because of their entire curriculum, apart from their national subject which is in their native language. Students even have to appear for their examinations in English, but there is one misconception when it comes to learning English. People often think that their children do not need the assistance of an English tutor because people think that children learn English in a far better way from their environments such as their schools and their colleges, but that is not true.

Since most of the students are shy when it comes to social interaction and because of that, they do not get much exposure to communicating with their class fellows which is why they’re left behind in this race of learning the English language. For some people, verbal skills are more important as compared to written skills which are why they tend to focus only on one skill, and slowly they become weaker in the other one. People need to understand that English is a proper language, and they need to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. All four of these are highly important for both academic and professional lives.

English language skills

There are four main English language skills that are necessary if you want to be proficient in the language. A student needs proper attention regarding all these skills and that too with an individual approach so that each skill can be mastered accordingly. Here are the four main skills that a tutor helps students to focus on and learn in order to be proficient in English:


This is one of the most important language skills because you need to be well aware of how to write in English. The academics of a student is basically dependent on these skills. If a student is not well versed in writing skills, they will not be able to attempt the writing exam or tasks properly which will eventually impact their academic career.


This skill requires the students to use their knowledge of the English language to communicate and speak. More than academically, this skill is very important even in professional life as well. If they don’t have knowledge about English speaking skill, they are going to lack the confidence they need to speak. Even during academic life, they need to be taught well about how to speak a certain word and how to make a sentence out of it.


This is another very important skill related to the English language that students need to be taught properly. They need to know how to listen to something said in English and then comprehend it. This is mainly related to comprehension of the words and sentences. If they are not able to listen and comprehend, they need to work on their English language listening skills.


When a student starts learning, they are taught how to read a certain alphabet, then a word, and then a sentence. This is how they learn and further exceed. If a student does not know how to read English properly, how would they be able to learn? The tutor really helps the student to get familiar with the words of English and to use them accordingly.

Benefits of getting a tutor to help

Some of the reasons why people should hire an English tutor for their children are mentioned below:

Individual attention

By comparing a classroom of 25 to 30 children, with an online tutor, there exists a huge difference. In a classroom, a vast majority of students are present and the teacher usually explains everything in a collective manner. The lesson which has been planned for students collectively is usually different compared to the lesson which has been planned for a student for a one-to-one session. Students tend to focus more on a one-to-one session because they get to focus on that entirely and can ask questions as per their comfort level. While in a collective lesson, they tend to avoid asking questions or interacting with the teacher because a vast majority end up being mocked by their class fellows which discourage them, so hiring an online or a private tutor for your child for his English will be considered as a highly encouraging act because he’ll get to learn a lot.

In-depth knowledge

There are so many things to learn when it comes to English. Conjunctions, Prepositions, Translation, Adjectives, and many other things. Sometimes the student is simply struggling with vocabulary and that is the only thing that bothers him the most. That is where one-to-one sessions are highly beneficial for the student because it gives the student a chance to learn properly. The student is totally aware that he can ask the tutor anything with comfort and nobody will mock him for his weakness because, in order to learn, students should learn to accept and face their weaknesses.

Quick response

Immediate response is also another thing that can be considered highly important for children. Usually, in a normal classroom that is filled with 25 to 30 or more than 30 students, teachers usually don’t respond immediately which discourages the students and they tend to feel left behind. When it comes to learning English, it is highly important that the students should get immediate responses because sometimes the students tend to forget the question they were asking, so with a one-to-one session the students are able to understand everything clearly and on the right track.

Available anytime

With one-to-one sessions, the students are able to keep themselves on the right track because there’s less burden along with the tutor who is always available to help the student which can improve his school performance. Whatever the student learns at school, the tutor makes sure that he learned everything properly, if not then he makes sure to cover up his mistakes and polish his skills.

Extra knowledge

A tutor allows the student to learn extra in order to increase his knowledge because the schools always teach to a certain limit. A tutor’s actual responsibility is to polish the student’s skills and to teach him the knowledge that he lacks the most but also needs the most. English is a vast language that requires a person to know a lot about the language itself.

Final words

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